Computers, Laptops and Servers all contain Data as well as 100% recyclable components 

Motherboards, Processors, Memory Modules, Power Supplies, Cables, Heat Sinks, Batteries, Optical Drives, and of course Metal and Plastic cases can all be recycled.

Recycle your old Computers, Laptops and Servers properly with IT Disposal London and allow us to securely shred your old Hard Disk Drive which will mean you are complying with Data Protection and GDPR regualtions  as well as helping the environment and diverting these reusable resources from ending up in landfill.

Failure to ensure that data is destroyed once a Computer, Laptop or Servers has reached the end of its useful life with you  could end up costing you and your company  thousands of pounds in fines.

By recycling with us you will also be reducing the amount of raw materials which are needed to be mined in order for the tech giants to continue to keep up with the current demands for new tech 

secure hard drive shredding 

Booking a collection is easy 

Get in touch 

Let us know what you have to be recycled 

Collection Agreed

A collection date and time will be agreed

Collection Completed

We arrive on-site and remove all agreed items 


Invoices and Certificates issued on destruction 


Orgainising a collection of your redundant, end of life Computers, Laptops and Servers is simple 

Let us know what you have to be recycled either by using the contact form, by emailing us directly here or calling us on 0845 644 5303 we will then send you a quotation which will need to be signed and returned.even if there are no costs involved a signed quote must be returned in order for us to allocate you a collection slot,  

We will then arrange a date and time which is suitable for you and us 

Collections will be carried out by our uniformed staff at the agreed time. all items will be collected and returned to one of our facilities.

Destruction Certificates* will be issued along with a copy of the  transfer note for each collection. 
Transfer notes would usually be provided to you on completion of a collection but due to current COVID-19 restrictions these are emailed to you once the collection has been finished.

* Destruction Certificates are ONLY issued on settlement of any outstanding invoices

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