Your office will hold lots of unwanted cables

IT Disposal can help you to recycle them completly FREE of charge.

Click on the image of the sack below to send us an email, we will then dispatch a cable sack to you next day for you to fill with cables for recycling. 

When the sack is full follow the instructions provided to arrange for it to be collected FREE of charge 

Power Cables

UK, European and US style power leads are supplied with lots of Computers, Lamptops and Monitors, these can all be recycled if not required. 

Network Cables

network cables,Patch lead or Fly leads Cat5 or Cat6 can all be recycled

Laptop Power Supplies

AC Adapters or Laptop Power supples and there power leads can all be recycled

Extension leads

Power extension leads, PDU and associated cables are easily recycled

Telephone Cords

Curley cords from all telephones can all be recycled as well as Mobile phone charging leads and chargers 

Monitor Cables

New Monitors can be supplied with VGA, DVI< Display port or even HDMI cables, as well as USB cales these can all be recycled if there is a excess of them